Hi! I’m Simon Tiu (pronounced a lot like “two”). Some people call me Zimon.

I’m a nerd, interested in many things and skilled in much less. I work on business expansion for Google Fiber! It’s awesome and fun. A start-up with infinite funding.

I’m interested in business strategy with the dream of working in international business. I want to help companies work in a global environment.

I’m interested in all things China. I’m Chinese but grew up speaking only English. After serving a mission for my church for 2 years speaking Spanish, I decided it was time to get back to my roots and learn Chinese!

I’m interested in all things data (especially unstructured data). I love data because you can find cool and pragmatic things by studying trends. Plus, data visualizations are pretty.

I’m interested in all things Mormon. It’s weird being a Mormon, a Chinese Mormon at that. I love philosophy and questioning the basic tenets. I hope to do a little writing about being a Mormon in today’s society.

Oh, also I like to review food, but I’m not very good at it because I like mostly everything I eat. I’ll try to be super picky. My work has me traveling quite a bit and so I’m getting to try all sorts of things!

CV 2017